D Day



Admission Acceptance

After your enrollment deposit has been received, you will be sent an email within 10 days, with all instructions to start your administrative registration.

D + 10

D + 30

Administrative Registration 

3) Upload requested documents

Go back to the enrollment platform to know about expected admin documents. When ready, upload your documents and validate. Your administrative file is now ready for review.

2) Acknowledge receipt of your enrollment documents 

Click on the link in the email received by the end of step 1) and keep your enrollment documents.

1) Complete the enrollment sections and validate

Complete the enrollment sections (Civil status, Education, Contacts, Tuition and Fees). After completion of these 4 sections, you will see a validation button to move to signature stage. Read your enrollment agreement and validate. You will receive an email rigth away with all registration documents. 

Start your administrative registration. Log in to the enrollment platform using ID/Password provided in the email.

Registration File Review

The Office of the Registrar team reviews your registration file. If additional information are required, you will be contacted by email. Once your file is completed,  an email will be sent to you to access to ESSEC administration portal.

Tuition Fees Payment and Arrival Preparation

D + 45

Login to ESSEC Administration Portal

Login detail are provided in the email received at the previous stage. Login to start tuition fees payment and prepare your arrival, with our team support.

Pay your tuition fees (no later than August 15th)

Proceed to tuition fees payment (debit/credit card or wire transfer are available). Payment of your tuition fees must have been received no later then August 15th, 2018. If not, you will not be able to start courses and get your ESSEC Student Card.

August 15th

ESSEC Arrival

Prepare your arrival

Take a look to our FAQ for accurate information regarding housing, healt coverage, transportation, visas, residence permit in France and so on. Feel free to ask us for any further explanation during this stage.

Your arrival @ESSEC

Visit the office of the Registrar at Cergy Campus (or come and see us at the Welcome Week between 22nd and 31st of August if you are registered at Cergy Campus).

Payment of your tuition fees must have been received before August 15th, 2018.