Admission Acceptance

After your enrollment deposit has been received and from January onwards, you will be sent an email, with all instructions to start your administrative enrollment (distinct from course registration). See here the difference between the two.

Start your enrollment

Enrollment file completed

July 22

August 31

Administrative Enrollment in 3 steps, within 30 days

First you are sent an email to activate your ESSEC login and set your password. Your ESSEC login will come in the form of B00, followed by 6 digits. It'll be your single, lifetime ESSEC login.

Second, you receive an email "Start your enrollment". You click on the link in the email and log in to the enrollment platform, the display of which is on the right of this text.

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1) Complete the enrollment sections and validate

Complete the 4 enrollment sections

1. Civil status,

2. Education,

3. Contacts,

4. Mode of payment: bank transfer or bank card. Do not get confused. At this stage, no payment is required, you simply have to say how you are going to make your payment. If you have a loan, click on "transfer".

Yet, no worry, in case you have selected "bank transfer", but pay by bank card, the system will update the information automatically.

After completion of these 4 sections, click on validation button to move to signature stage (double-click).

Read your enrollment agreement and validate.

2) Acknowledge receipt of your enrollment documents 

An email of confirmation will be sent right away at the end of step #1.

In attachment you'll find enrollment documents summarizing your answers in #1. 

Click on the link in the email to acknowledge receipt of these documents.

Save your enrollment contract and conditions.

3) Upload requested documents

Prepare your supporting administrative documents so you can upload them.

These include

- an identiy photograph (see requirements),

- your identity document (European ID card or passport),

- an extract of your birth certificate, with an official translation in French if necessary. 

When ready, upload your documents and validate. Your administrative file is now ready for review.

Enrollment File Review

The Office of the Registrar team reviews your enrollment file.

If additional information are required, you will be contacted by email. 

Enrollment File Completed = Your key to your intranet MyRegistrar

When your file is complete and perfect,  an email "Enrollment file completed" will be sent to you, granting you access to your personal ESSEC administration portal, MyRegistrar.

Remember: no access to your Registrar intranet before the magic email "Enrollment file completed".

MyRegistrar : download/upload your documents, Online Secure Payment, and Arrival Preparation.

Note that students enrolled in Singapore and Rabat can only download their enrollment certificate, they are billed in Singapore and Rabat. 

Only Grande Ecole MiM students in Singapore are entirely administered and billed in Cergy. 

Log in to ESSEC Administration Portal MyRegistrar

Using the same log in details, you access your personal intranet MyRegistrar. You can

- download your enrollment certificate, your ESSEC account statement when billed by ESSEC in Cergy,

- upload any useful document to notify the Registrar's Office of your particular situation, 

- start paying your tuition as long as the whole amount is received by the deadline shown in the account statement (see dates),

- prepare your arrival, with the support of our team.

Payment Dates

Global MBA payment deadline : 22 July 2020


All other programs : Pay your tuition fees prior to the starting date of the course or no later than the 31st of August 2020

Proceed to tuition fees payment  either by debit/credit card or wire transfer. 

Payment of your tuition fees must have been received no later than August 31st, 2020.

If not, you will not be able to start courses and get your ESSEC Student Card.

Prepare your arrival

Have a look to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for accurate information regarding housing, health coverage, transportation, visas, residence permit in France and so on. 

Feel free to submit any other query during this stage.

Don't forget to pay the CVEC French tax as of May.

Arrival @ESSEC

Your arrival @ESSEC

Visit the office of the Registrar at Cergy Campus if you are registered at Cergy Campus.

Dates of the Welcome Week end of August will be confirmed in July.