As a new student, you must indicate how you will pay for your tuition when you complete your enrollment online.


Payment dates and methods may vary depending on your program of enrollment.


Payment can be made using one of the following methods :

  • Bank card // Carte Bancaire

  • Bank Transfer // Virement bancaire

  • International payment // Paiement international (using Global Pay For Student provided by our partner Western Union)

Payment must be initiated from the Registrar Portal in order to be reported properly on your ESSEC account statement.


Access to the Registrar Portal is granted when new students have completed their online enrollment and received the message "Enrollment completed".

Caution if you use the following payment method:

  • Direct debit // Prélèvement bancaire : if you choose this option, you authorize ESSEC bank to debit the funds from your French bank account. This option is NOT reversible on a short notice. If, in the mean time, you have made a bank transfer, bear in mind that ESSEC Accounting cannot stop the direct debit transaction. This may end up in a duplicate payment.